OUR VISION is to complete your brand experience


...by instilling a guest experience mindset that drives ongoing consumer loyalty.

No one can afford to lose customers. Generally, the cost is three times greater to re-engage a lost consumer than to maintain a delighted one.


...by collaborating on a strategy, road map and execution plan that result in long-term gain.

Every great experience begins with a great plan. And developing and executing a great plan requires commitment and collaboration.


...by stimulating the heart and mind while serving both the internal and the external customer.

Service education and training in your consumer’s environment not only reduces expenses, it generates lasting impact and renewed perspective for your people.


...by managing organizational change to continuously drive improvements from the guests’ viewpoint.

There’s no quick-fix solution. Introducing new ideas and changing behavior is hard work that begins with establishing a true service culture.


Every guest has an experience expectation. That experience is a direct reflection of your brand. At GEMS, we work with you to bring your brand to life in the consumer experience. Based on deep hospitality and service expertise, we develop a tailoredstrategy and model to deliver on your objectives—whether they be higher guest loyalty, increased revenue, deeper employeeengagement or a combination of these. Because we believe your people are the real gems, the key to a great guest experience every time.


Perhaps your gems need a bit of polish to truly sparkle? Let us be the polish that makes your people shine.





For any organization to achieve guest and member loyalty, remain relevant, and realize its mission, delivering a world-class guest experience is imperative. The initiative to evaluate, learn, and build a guest-centered culture begins with your leadership’scommitment and becomes reality through open discussion, teamwork, and action plans.

GEMS has created guest experience WORKSHOPS  and offers consulting services specifically designed for cultural institutions and nonprofit organizations that want to achieve guest experience excellence. Our approach helps you focus on your guests—both internal and external—in everything you do.

We employ the GEMS Guest Experience Model to help you develop and implement your own unique strategy for ensuring an exceptional guest experience.

GEMS Guest Experience Framework