GEMS, aka Guest Experience Management Services, stands for the heart of every organization: people. People are gems, and they need to be polished regularly to shine.

Increase guest loyalty, team member engagement, internal productivity and guest revenue. Engage our services to achieve your brand experience.

  • Building guest experiences from the inside out with a proven process to improve guest loyalty
  • Coaching to build a cohesive guest services culture that delivers memorable moments
  • Training workshops customized to achieve your objectives and deliver your brand promise
  • Creating a clear path with guest experience strategy and modeling




Every guest has an experience expectation. That experience is a direct reflection of your brand. At GEMS, we work with you to bring your brand to life in the consumer experience. Based on deep hospitality and service expertise, we develop a tailored strategy and model to deliver on your objectives—higher guest loyalty, increased revenue, deeper employee engagement or whatever your goal. Because we believe your people are the real gems, the key to a great guest experience every time.

Perhaps your gems need a bit of polish to truly sparkle? Let us be the polish that makes your people shine.



Service excellence is a significant advantage and differentiator for both private and public organizations. GEMS has proven expertise, hands-on knowledge and exceptional experience in molding organizations like yours into leaders in the guest service excellence arena. 

We all want to be delighted by service excellence. Exceeding the expectations of your customers is about delivering on the promise of your brand. In today’s economic environment, consumers have many choices for how and where they spend their dollars. We will help you attract customers, delight guests and improve consumer loyalty in this competitive environment.