A culture of hospitality excellence begins on the inside with the people who deliver your brand experience. Whether you're looking to improve guest services for your public garden, museum, cultural attraction or business your people are your gems. A little bit of polish and your people will shine for your customers.

Let us help you create engaging, interactive workshops customized for every level of your organization.

ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE workshops customized for every level of your organization.


It all starts at the top. Management buy-in is critical to the success of your brand experience, so you need to ensure your executive team shares the vision and leads by example. This tailored workshop shows your existing leaders how to instill an industry-leading guest experience culture within your organization.

We work with you to incorporate your brand experience, ideas and goals, along with our best practices, service standards and hospitality knowledge, to create a one-of-a-kind educational experience for your leadership team.



You have emerging leaders who work closely with your front-line team every day. Your team leaders, along with the front line, can shine when expectations are clearly defined and people have the skill sets necessary to deliver world-class customer service. This workshop is an integral step in building a shared guest experience vision and ensuring managers have the right skills and perspective to establish a service excellence culture across your organization.

This customized workshop will help to move your managers and their teams closer to your goals and to your organization’s desired brand experience.



You want your front-line team to deliver—and they will, given a clear path and the right tools. In this workshop, we work with you to set clear service standards, educate on service excellence and empower your customer-facing staff.

With a little polish, your front-line people will come to understand and embody a guest service mindset and continuously deliver the guest experience your brand promises.


People are GEMS. Apply us to polish.



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 Note: All workshops are curated and customized to fit each organization’s unique brand experience.